The TPL series has a simple line design, which makes it adapt perfectly to urban spaces such as squares, walks, parking lots, facades of buildings.

Thanks to the latest LED technology and the variety of optical distributions available to you provide lighting uniform and efficient being a quality solution for a wide variety of urban lighting applications.

Technical Data

  • Latest-generation LED Technology.
  • High light output with reduced powerconsumption.
  • Up to 167 lmW.
  • Robust: IP66 + IK09.
  • Pressure compensation system.
  • Useful life L80B10 100.000h a Ta of 25ºC.
  • Smart Ready: Designed to host external communications node.
  • Armor and fork:  Made of aluminium injected cast iron EN AC-44300.
  • Clasp: Tempered glass 5mm thick. It incorporates silicone gasket.
  • Nuts outer and bolts: Stainless steel (AISI304).
Finish: Grey powder paint RAL 7015 Textured (715T).
Installation and maintenance: As standard, it incorporates cable and connector IP68 watertight prepared for the on-site connection of the luminaire. This way it is not necessary to open and the installation tasks are carried out more quickly and easily.
Cable gland with pressure compensation valve: The luminaire has a cable gland that incorporates a pressure compensation valve that compensates for the internal / external pressure of the system.
The integration of the valve prolongs the projected life of the joints and internal parts reducing the pressure placed on them and prevents moisture from entering inside which can cause condensation.
Electrical class: Class I or Class II. 

WatertightnessIP66 (EN 60529).
Impact protection grade: IK09 (EN 62262).

Operating temperature: -40 C to +50º C.
According to luminaire configuration.

  • TPL S: 8.5Kg.
  • TPL M: 12.2Kg.
Real light package:
  • TPL S: 3,000 lm to 18,000 lm (21 - 139W).
  • TPL M: 5,6000 lm to 37,000 lm (40 - 270W).
LED color temperature:
  • 4,000K (Neutral white, nw).
  • 3,000K (Warm white, ww).
  • Other color temperatures, consult. 
Colour rendering index (CRI): CRI>70.

  • TPL S: 32, 64 Leds.
  • TPL M: 64, 96, 128 Leds.
LED thermal control: The LED modules and the driver are mounted in direct contact with the armature, to dissipate heat by conduction, by convention, extending the life of all the electronic components of the luminaire.
Luminaire prepared to incorporate NTC sensor for temperature control, must be indicated at the time of ordering.