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The Urbalite series has a design that provides an efficient lighting system and, thanks to its optical distributions, it offers lighting solutions for a wide variety of urban lighting applications.
 It has different options and features that have been developed specifically for urban environments. The system offers exceptional optical performance as well as excellent thermal management.

Technical Data

  • Integrates into all urban environments.
  • Latest-generation LED Technology.
  • Latest-generation LED technology.
  • High light output with reduced power consumption.
LED module and driver are mounted in direct contact with the body to increase heat dissipation by convection and conduction, extending the service life of all electronic components in the luminaire.
Programmable control gear with step adjustment enables more efficient light control, minimizing consumption and maximizing output. Light control is a key factor in the energy efficiency of the luminaire.

  • Body and coupling in pressure die-cast aluminium (EN AC-44100 AISI12) with low copper content (<0.1%).
  • PMMA optics.
  • Enclosure: 5mm tempered glass lens thick serigraphed in black.
  • Board: incorporated board of silicone.
  • The quality of the materials and the coating process used guarantee a long mechanical life to the product.
Finish: Paint powder gray color RAL 9006 Smooth Brilliant (906B).

Mechanical adjustment: The fixings allow a regulation of +5º a +10º.

Installation and maintenance: Incorporates IP66 cable and connector ready for on-site connection of the luminaire. This way you don't need to open it and the installation tasks are done faster and easier.

Electrical specification:
  • CI => Electrical class I. Can be configured to electrical protection Class II. (.CII).
  • Voltage/frequency => (220V-240V). Other tensions to consult (120-277V).
  • Power factor > 0,9.
  • Total harmonic distortion < 20%.
Pressure vent valve:  
The luminaires are fitted with pressure vent valves to equalize the internal and external pressure of the system. This valve extends the projected life of internal components and gaskets by reducing the pressure exerted on them and preventing condensation-causing moisture from entering the luminaire.

Anti-surge protector: Includes an anti-surge system to protect the electronic components of the luminaire against transient voltage surges up to 10 KV/KA. (20 KV/KA optional)

Watertightness: As per EN 60529, luminaire is watertight to IP66.

Impact protection grade: As per EN 62262, impact protection grade IK09. Optional IK10.

Operating temperature: -40ºC to 50ºC. Other temperatures to consult.

Weight :  
  • Urbalite S: 5,3 Kg.
  • Urbalite M: 6 Kg.
Light source: 
Luminaires designed for Led technology, with a luminous flux range:
  • Urbalite S: 1,000 to 9,000 lm.
  • Urbalite M: 4,000 to 13,000 lm.
Colour temperature 3,000 K (Warm White, ww) y 4,000 K (Neutral White, nw). Consult the color temperatures of 2,200K and 2,700K..

Operating current (350-700) mA.

LED technology: 
Depending on the version, different types of LED modules of:
  • Urbalite S: 8, 12, 24 y 36 Leds.
  • Urbalite M: 48 Leds.
All LEDs have passed a stress test to ensure their reliability by eliminating total LED failure. (Premature Led mortality). Colour rendering index Ra > 70 at 3,000 K and Ra > 70 at
4,000 K.

It has 9 photometric distributions used for the environments in which this type of luminaire is installed, it can be adapted to all needs:
  • AMA1
  • AME1
  • AME2
  • AMM1
  • AMM2
  • AMM3
  • AMM4
  • PCE1
  • PCE2