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Designed to meet the demanding environments of a metro or rail infrastructure application, Prismashield Elite is a robust, stylish and multi functional luminaire.
The luminaire is available with a frosted glass lens for underground tunnels or a polycarbonate lens with internal prisms. Both optics produce a precise symmetric or asymmetric light distribution for even, glare-free illumination helping people feel safe and secure in arduous environments..
Prismashield Elite is a versatile lighting solution that can be surface or cornice mounted individually or in continuous runs utilising the infill panels system. An optional integrated surface cable management system can be attached to conceal power, emergency and communications in a complete solution.

Technical Data

  • Robust armor for areas with vandalism.
  • High impact resistance IK10.
  • Mount versatility.
  • Optional anti-graffiti treatment.Continuous mounting system.
Light source
  • Uses latest-generation, high-performance, high-efficiency LEDs in a universal modular solution for inclusion in our luminaires. 
LED thermal control
Thermal dissipation according to the three principles of heat transfer; conduction, convection and radiation via the ribs in the frame. The gear is ventilated thanks to natural convection in the gear compartment
Light control
Programmable control gear with step adjustment in luminaire head, DALI protocol and 1-10 V permits more efficient light control, minimizing consumption and maximizing output. Light control is a key factor in the energy efficiency of the luminaire (see configuration chart).
Technical characteristics
  • One-piece extruded aluminum frame.
  • Side caps made of injected polycarbonate.
  • Transparent prismatic polycarbonate diffuser (PFL option) or frosted glass diffuser (FGL option) of 3mm thickness.
  • Reflector made of steel sheet.
  • Optionally it can be supplied with an anti-graffiti treatment (AG option).
Mounting: 2 Mounting options available by fixing 6 Ø6.5 mm holes.
  • .SM: Flat surface mounting.
  • .CM: Assembly at an angle of 90º. For corners.
In any of these assemblies, the Prismashield Elite can be installed continuously by joining luminaires in a continuous manner or separated by trims. Only in the case of surface mounting (SM) will be necessary a rail on which to install the luminaires and trims and through which the wiring system will go.

Maintained: Access to the lamp and the equipment from the front, using anti-vandalism screws. The special key is needed to unscrew them (accessory PSE.VK).

Emergency kit: Optionally it can be supplied with an emergency kit with 3 hours of operation in the 1200mm and 1500mm versions.

Electrical specifications: 
  • Electrical Class II. (.CII) as a special order.
  • Input voltage => (220-240 V) (50 Hz-60 Hz)
  • Power factor >0.9
  • Total harmonic distortion < 20%
Watertightness: As per EN 60529, luminaire is watertight to IP659 (PFL versions), IP657 (FGL versions).

Impact protection grade: As per EN 62262, degree of protection against impacts IK10 ++ (PFL versions), IK07 (FGL versions).

Operating temperature:  
  • -10ºC to 40ºC.
  • For the versions with emergency kit: -10ºC to 35ºC.

Light source: Luminaire designed for LED technology, flow range between 2,000 lm and 11,000 lm, colour temperature 4000 K (neutral white). For other colour temperatures, please enquire.

Versions of the Prismashield Elite: The Prismashield Elite has 3 lengths which offer different lighting packages.
  • 600mm version: 2,000lm.
  • 1200mm version: 5,000 and 9,000lm.
  • 1500mm version: 6,000 and 11,000lm.
General dimensions of PSE luminaire.