Presence Sensor

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IP65 C
CARANDINI offers complete solutions in terms of presence sensors for efficient lighting control, thus obtaining savings in energy consumption. The C.SENS presence sensor offers the amount of light required at the precise moment the need is detected. In this way, maximum energy savings are achieved without affecting the comfort and safety of users.

Technical Data

  • Input voltage: 100-277 VAC.
  • Operating frequencies: 50/60 Hz.
  • Maximum load (55 ºC): 540 / 1,200 VA @ 120 / 277VAC.
    Maximum load (70 ºC): 500/750 VA @ 120 / 277VAC.
  • Standby consumption: <0.5W @ 277VAC.
  • Infrared sensor: Four-element omni-directional pyroelectric element.
  • Light sensor: Digital ambient light sensor.
  • Surge protection: Maximum 80A for 16.7 milliseconds.
  • Control output: 0-10V, 25mA control current.
  • Detectable speed: From 0.3 to 3 m / second.
  • Mounting height: From 2.4 to 6 meters.
  • Detection range: Up to 4 times the installation height.
  • Remote control range: 8 meters.
  • Operating temperature range: -40 to 70°C.
  • Operating humidity range: Maximum 95%.
  • Protection of the whole: IP65.
Configuration command
 Allows adjustment of sensor operation.
  • Presence sensor or presence sensor with brightness.
  • ON / OFF or with wake level.
  • Ramps up / down.
  • Wait time after detection.
Modo de funcionamiento
Standard operating mode:
  • Twilight Sensorless Watch (OSO): The luminaire illuminates at a low level (preset) when it does not detect presence, when it detects presence it rises to the high level (also previously established) for the time defined in the parameters.

Other operating modes:
  • Watch with twilight sensor (OSLA):
    Same as the previous one with the difference that the luminaire is turned off when the sensor detects a light level higher than the preset.
  •  Two-level twilight sensor vigil (OSLATO):
    Brightness sensor that only enables switching on when lighting levels are below one level. The luminaire is off and on only when motion is detected. After presence detection, the luminaire illuminates at the high level for the set time and is subsequently at a reduced level for a time before turning off.
  • ON/OFF: When the light level is higher than what has been established, the luminaire remains off. If this is lower, when it detects presence the sensor is set to 100% for a set time.
Configurable parameters
  • OFF DELAY. Time at maximum level after detecting movement.
  • TIME OFF. Wake-up light level maintenance time.
  • HIGH DIM. Operating levels after presence detection.
  • LOW DIM. Envigilia performance level.
  • RAMP UP / FADE DOWN. Level change speed.
  • SENSITIVITY. Presence sensor sensitivity.
NotE: Coupling suitable for columns from 60 mm to 150 mm.