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LEDNightime CIK10 CIP66 C
The Junior series is designed and manufactured by Carandini for urban environments. Available in several versions with a range of accessories, the new LED version of the Junior luminaire has a functional design that’s perfect for lighting parks, parades, streets and other environments.

Technical Data

  • Aesthetic integration with all kinds of street furniture.
  • High light output with reduced power consumption.
Light source
  • Uses latest-generation, high-performance, high-efficiency LEDs in a universal modular solution for inclusion in our luminaires. 
Thermal control
  • Specially designed for enhanced heat dissipation via conduction and convection, with high-efficiency aluminium heat dissipating fins. 
Light control
  • Programmable control gear with step adjustment in luminaire head, DALI protocol and 1-10 V permits more efficient light control, minimizing consumption and maximizing output.
  • Light control is a key factor in the energy efficiency of the luminaire. 


Technical characteristics
  • Body, Pressure die-cast LM6 aluminium (EN AC-44100 AISI12) with low copper content (<0.1%).
  • Canopy, Shallow dome in spun aluminium sheet 1050-E S/UNE 38117.
  • Enclosure, ‘.CC’ Flat tempered glass. / ‘.GC’ Curved tempered glass.
Maintenance: Tool- and screw-free access to driver via dome.

GORE® pressure compensation: 
  • Ventilation system for equalizing pressure changes caused by temperature differences between the interior and exterior of the luminaire.
  • Dispels condensation and stress caused by changes in temperature.
  • Extends product life.
  • Polyester powder coating matte grey RAL 9006 or textured grey RAL 7015.
  • Other colours subject to surcharge, please enquire.
Electrical specification:
  • .CI => Electrical class I.
  • Can be configured to electrical protection Class II. (.CII).
  • Input voltage => (220-240 V) (50 Hz-60 Hz) (Optional 120V/ 277V).
  • Power factor >0.9.
  • Total harmonic distortion < 20%. 

Eprotec electrical protection:  
  • Combined discharge voltage (1.2/50) 10 kV.
  • Maximum discharge current (8/20) 10 kA.
  • Maximum service voltage (L-N) 320 V.
  • Maximum service voltage (L/N-GND) 400 V.
Watertightness: As per EN 60529, luminaire is watertight to IP66.

Impact  protection grade: As per EN 62262, impact protection grade IK10.

Operating temperature: -20°C to 35°C.

Weight with gear:
  • JNR.H => 9.7 kg.
  • JNR.V => 12 kg.
Mounting height:
  • ‘V’: 4/ 5 m.
  • ‘H’: 5/8 m.
ULOR: Between 0.01% and 0.09%.
LED characteristics
Light source: 
  • Luminaire designed for LED technology, with luminous flux range between 1000 and 8000 lm and colour temperature of 3000 K (warm white, ww), 4000 K (neutral white, nw) or amber. 
  • Operating current (350-530-600-700 mA). 
  • For other colour temperatures, please enquire.
LED technology:
  • Can hold up to 4 modules each containing a 7 x 1 array (between 7 and 42 LEDs) of high-performance, high-efficiency LEDs.
  • All LED modules have been endurance-tested for reliability, eliminating the possibility of (Premature LED failure). 
  • Colour rendering index Ra <70 at 4000 K, Ra <83 at 3000 K and Ra 40 in amber. 
  • Offers the 2 photometric distribution patterns suited to the environments in which this luminaire is typically installed, making it adaptable to all requirements.
  • The acrylic lenses are specially designed for PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate) LEDs (7 x 1).
  • The Junior luminaire can be classified for E1 protection zones.
  • E1 zone: Type I. Luminaires with less than 2% radiation below 440 nm, within the 280-780 nm wavelength range.
  • The requirements for LED lamps specify less than 1.1% below 500 nm with predominant wavelength above 585 nm.