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Doing things well and making a business prosper requires a firm commitment to society, the company and its employees, and the clients who buy our products. ISO-9001:2015 is a globally recognized quality certification standard which is sanctioned by AENOR in Spain and implemented by most large companies worldwide.

At a conference in July 2016, Carandini shared its experiences as one of the first companies in Spain to obtain certification. 

Reaching and maintaining the high levels of customer satisfaction to which this certification attests is a major challenge requiring significant amounts of resources, effort and work. In companies with ISO-9001:2015 certification, industrial quality is integrated in and strategically aligned with the organization of the sector in which they operate. The result is improvement on several fronts:

A leading company: managing a system that promotes team participation, getting people motivated to achieve goals and identifying new opportunities for new revenue streams, reinforcing competitiveness and defining a common standard for joint action.

Improved focus: ISO quality procedures make it easier for a company to integrate activity across different levels, using technology and innovation to coordinate functions and consolidate structure. Which means we can unify our criteria at the service of customer satisfaction.

Knowledge: ISO-9001:2015 introduces a major contextual innovation in the form of more evolved standards requiring knowledge of the Quality Management System (QMS) for making the right decisions and avoiding unnecessary risks.

Over its 90 years of existence, Carandini has always endeavoured to meet the very highest standards of product quality, making its customers a vital component of its business model. An increasingly evolved industrial fabric has opened new horizons of opportunity, with the transfer of knowledge and the adoption of cross-sector best practice benchmarks.

Carandini has been a member of the Acuity Brands group since 1999, a multinational whose members are international companies specializing in lighting and equipment for the lighting sector. Its commitment to progress and continued improvement is reflected in the company’s action. Carandini was the first company in Catalonia, and among the first in Spain, to obtain AENOR/ISO-9001:2015 certification. Carandini is a company that’s moving confidently and surely towards the future.

On 13 July, Carandini will host a conference in the headquarters of EIC (Enginyers Industrials de Catalunya) for exchanging knowledge and experience relating to implementation of the new standards of quality required under ISO-9001:2015. Also on the agenda: approaches to implementation of the new process in companies. 

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