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The HMAO luminaire is designed for high-altitude applications. Thanks to the joints of the glass optics that guarantee the watertightness and the reinforced painting even inside the armors, it is a luminaire prepared for aggressive environments like ports, car parks, freeways, airports or exteriors of industrial zones.

Technical Data

  • Designed and prepared for aggressive environments such as ports.
  • LED luminaire with very strong armor specially designed for high bays.
  • Simple assembly and maintenance.
Fuente de luz
  • High-power LED technology provides excellent visibility and uniformity.
  • Various optical distributions to give solution to different projects of external borders.
Control térmico
  • Heat dissipation by conduction, convection and radiation through the specific design for this luminaire, since it has been designed specifically for LED technology.
Control de la luz
  • Through programmable equipment with step regulation, DALI protocol and 1-10V, lighting is managed more efficiently, minimizing consumption and maximizing performance. This control is a key part of the energy efficiency of the luminaire.
  • Body and cover in pressure die-cast aluminium.
  • Borosilicate optiques.
  • Colour C9 (RAL 9006 smooth gloss)
  • Easy access to driver via top panel.
Optical distribution:
Features latest-generation reflectors for excellent light distribution. Five reflectors available:
  • .NR Symmetrical longitudinal /Asimmetrical extensive transverse
  • .AY Symmetrical longitudinal / Asimmetrical 1transverse
  • .FW Symmetrical longitudinal / Asimmetrical 2 transverse
  • .SQ Symmetrical extensive longitudinal / Symmetrical semiextensive transverse
  • .SY Symmetrical extensive

  • HMAO is supplied with a side mounting (SE) suitable for masts of Ø42 mm and Ø60 mm.
Electrical specification:
  • CI => Electrical class I.
  • Input voltage => (210-240 V) (50-60 Hz)
  • Power factor >0.9
  • Total harmonic distortion < 20%
Eprotec electrical protection:
  • Combined discharge voltage (1.2/50) 10 kV.
  • Maximum discharge current 20 kA.
  • Maximum service voltage (L-N) 320 V.
  • Maximum service voltage (L/N-GND) 400 V.
General watertightness:
  • As per EN 60529, luminaire is watertight to IP66.
Impact protection grade:
  • As per EN 62262, impact protection rating IK08.
Operating temperature:
  • -40ºC to 45ºC
Weight with gear:
  • 23 kg
Wind exposure area: 
  • 0.120 m2
  • 0.0º%
LED characteristics
Light source:
  • Luminaire designed for LED technology, with luminous flux of 30,000 to 70,000 lm, colour temperature 3,000 K (Warm White, ww), and 4,000 K (neutral white, nw). Other colour temperatures available, please enquire.
LED technology:
  • Can hold 6, 9 or 12 COB (Chip On Board) arrays offering the lumen packages referred to above.
  • All LED modules have been endurance-tested for reliability, eliminating the possibility of total LED failure. (Premature LED failure). Colour rendering index Ra 70 at 3,000 K, Ra 70 at 4,000 K.
LED thermal control:
  • This luminaire is designed for enhanced heat dissipation via conduction, convection and radiation for improved cooling and extended service life.
Light control:
  • Programmable control gear with step adjustment in luminaire head, DALI protocol and 1-10 V permits more efficient light control, minimizing consumption and maximizing output. Light control is a key factor in the energy efficiency of the luminaire (see configuration chart).


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