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LEDNightime CIK09 CIP66 C
The Clamod Series is a luminaire manufactured and designed by Carandini for urban environments. Thanks to its functional design and the different versions and accessories available, it integrates perfectly into lighting parks, walks, streets and other environmental facilities that require classic luminaires.

The LED solution uses the latest generation of high performance and efficient LEDs that provide excellent optical performance and an increase in energy efficiency.

Technical Data

  • Integrative aesthetics with any urban space.
  • Up to 144 lmW.
  • Robust: IP66 + IK09.
  • Pressure compensation system.
  • Lifespan L90B10 100.000h a Ta of 25ºC.
  • Flexibility in assembly.
  • Smart Ready: Designed to host both communications node interiors and exteriors.
  • Complies with the Zhaga standard.
Technical characteristics
  • Body and canopy, Pressure die-cast LM6 aluminium (EN AC-44100 AISI12) with low copper content (<0.1%).
  • Enclosure, ‘GC’ curved tempered glass./ ‘.CC’ Flat tempered glass.
Installation and maintenance: Access to the driver from the top through the dome through two screws with Ph head and with fall protection.
Finish: Powder coat matte black textured RAL 9005. Other colours subject to surcharge, please enquire.

Electrical specification:
  • .CI => Electrical class I.
  • Can be configured to electrical protection Class II. (.CII).
  • Input voltage => (220 V-240 V) (50 Hz – 60 Hz) (Optional 120V/ 277V).
  • Power factor >0.9.
  • Total harmonic distortion < 20%.
Eprotec electrical protection:
  • Combined discharge voltage (1.2/50) 10 kV.
  • Maximum discharge current (8/20) 10 kA.
  • Maximum service voltage (L-N) 320 V.
  • Maximum service voltage (L/N-GND) 400 V.
Watertightness: As per EN 60529, luminaire is watertight to IP66.

Impact protection grade: As per EN 62262, impact protection grade IK09.

Operating temperature: -40ºC to +50ºC.

Weight: 8 kg.

ULOR: 0,01% - 0,06%.
LED characteristics
Real light package: 1.000 lm to 9.000 lm (17 - 73W)

LED color temperature:
  • 4.000K (Neutral white, nw).
  • 3.000K (Warm white, ww).
  • 2.700K (Warm white, ww).
  • 2.200K (Warm white, ww).
  • Amber color temperature, consult.
Leds: It integrates different modules that use lines of 16,  24, 32 and 48 LEDs of high performance and efficiency.

Optics: Acrylic lenses specially designed for PMMA LEDs.(Polymethylmethacrylate).
LED thermal control: Heat dissipation by conduction and convection through the specific design for this luminaire, which has a high efficiency aluminum heatsink with dissipation fins.