Carandini successfully illuminates 18 tunnels of the macro-highway between Bogotá and Villavicencio

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On November 17, Mr. Juan Manuel Santos, president of the Republic of Colombia and Nobel Peace Prize winner of 2016, inaugurated the final stretch of the new highway that connects Bogotá with Villavicencio. It is a reference infrastructure for the Andean country, in which Carandini has played a very important role.

The highway, which is more than 120 km long, offers a natural outlet from Bogotá to the Llanos Orientales, an area traditionally considered the "main food pantry in the country". The more than 8 million inhabitants of the Colombian capital will be able to benefit, therefore, from a faster and safer circulation, at the same time as from a constant supply of raw materials and basic necessities.

Due to the special orography of the terrain (Bogotá is located in a valley more than 2,600 meters above sea level), 18 tunnels are distributed along the route, some of them up to one kilometer long. The lighting of all these tunnels has been exclusively entrusted to solutions proposed by Carandini.

The magnitude of this infrastructure and the impact of its deployment, made the inauguration act have a broad echo in the Colombian media, as can be seen in these links:

• The Time:
• Ministry of the Presidency of Colombia:

The reliability, technology and comfort provided by the lighting proposals in tunnels and infrastructures, have made Carandini acquire an increasingly relevant role in the main roads of communication throughout Colombia and Latin America, as it has been in Europe and Spain.


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