The HMAO luminaire is designed for high-altitude applications. Thanks to the joints of the glass optics that guarantee the watertightness and the reinforced painting even inside the armors, it is a luminaire prepared for aggressive environments like ports, car parks, freeways, airports or exteriors of industrial zones.

Technical Data

  • Designed and prepared for aggressive environments such as ports.
  • LED luminaire with very strong armor specially designed for high bays.
  • Simple assembly and maintenance.
Fuente de luz
  • High-power LED technology provides excellent visibility and uniformity.
  • Various optical distributions to give solution to different projects of external borders.
Control térmico
  • Heat dissipation by conduction, convection and radiation through the specific design for this luminaire, since it has been designed specifically for LED technology.
Control de la luz
  • Through programmable equipment with step regulation, DALI protocol and 1-10V, lighting is managed more efficiently, minimizing consumption and maximizing performance. This control is a key part of the energy efficiency of the luminaire.
  • Body and cover in pressure die-cast aluminium.
  • Borosilicate optiques.
  • Colour C9 (RAL 9006 smooth gloss)
  • Easy access to driver via top panel.
Optical distribution:
Features latest-generation reflectors for excellent light distribution. Five reflectors available:
  • .NR Symmetrical longitudinal /Asimmetrical extensive transverse
  • .AY Symmetrical longitudinal / Asimmetrical 1transverse
  • .FW Symmetrical longitudinal / Asimmetrical 2 transverse
  • .SQ Symmetrical extensive longitudinal / Symmetrical semiextensive transverse
  • .SY Symmetrical extensive

  • HMAO is supplied with a side mounting (SE) suitable for masts of Ø42 mm and Ø60 mm.
Electrical specification:
  • CI => Electrical class I.
  • Input voltage => (210-240 V) (50-60 Hz)
  • Power factor >0.9
  • Total harmonic distortion < 20%
Eprotec electrical protection:
  • Combined discharge voltage (1.2/50) 10 kV.
  • Maximum discharge current 20 kA.
  • Maximum service voltage (L-N) 320 V.
  • Maximum service voltage (L/N-GND) 400 V.
General watertightness:
  • As per EN 60529, luminaire is watertight to IP66.
Impact protection grade:
  • As per EN 62262, impact protection rating IK08.
Operating temperature:
  • -40ºC to 45ºC
Weight with gear:
  • 23 kg
Wind exposure area: 
  • 0.120 m2
  • 0.0º%
LED characteristics
Light source:
  • Luminaire designed for LED technology, with luminous flux of 30,000, 44,000 and 58,000 lm, colour temperature 4,000 K (neutral white, nw). Other colour temperatures available - please enquire.
LED technology:
  • Can hold 6, 9 or 12 COB (Chip On Board) arrays offering the lumen packages referred to above.
  • All LED modules have been endurance-tested for reliability, eliminating the possibility of total LED failure. (Premature LED failure). Colour rendering index Ra 70 at 4,000 K.
LED thermal control:
  • This luminaire is designed for enhanced heat dissipation via conduction, convection and radiation for improved cooling and extended service life.
Light control:
  • Programmable control gear with step adjustment in luminaire head, DALI protocol and 1-10 V permits more efficient light control, minimizing consumption and maximizing output. Light control is a key factor in the energy efficiency of the luminaire (see configuration chart).
Rendimiento típico
Rendimiento típico de la luminaria
Configuration Lumen output Total power with Driver (W)ourant de fonctionnement (mA) Operating current mA L70B50 (hours)
HMAO.L304 30.000 233 1.050 100.000
HMAO.L444 44.000 366 1.050 100.000
HMAO.L584 58.000 490 1.050 100.000
NOTE: Due to the constant updating of the technology and Led, the values are subject to change without notice.


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