CTR Linear System

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IP54/65 CLEDIP20 C
The Carandini linear system consists of an aluminum profile that acts as an electric rail to which luminaires are incorporated through a system of connectors.

It is a system of great flexibility since the rail is fixed throughout the entire installation and the luminaires can be attached at any point of it, efficiently illuminating and with a great uniformity the areas that are necessary.

Thanks to the latest generation of LED technology and the quality of the optics, this lighting system can provide solutions to a wide variety of interior spaces such as warehouses, industrial warehouses or logistics centers.

Technical Data

  • Quick assembly without tools.
  • Minimum rail weight and luminaire.
  • Possibility of changing the elements of the system at any point of the lane.
Light source
  • Uses latest-generation, high-performance, high-efficiency LEDs in a universal modular solution for inclusion in our luminaires.
  • It's this universal principle that enables Carandini to offer a solution that combines optical output, uniformity and energy efficiency.
Thermal Control
Thermal dissipation according to the three principles of heat transfer; conduction, convection and radiation via the ribs in the frame. The gear is ventilated thanks to natural convection inthe gear compartment.
Technical characteristics
  • Rail and profile of the silver gray aluminum extrusion luminaire. Other colors, consult.
  • PMMA optics.
Mounting system:
The linear system consists of a support rail in which the luminaire modules are coupled to form the complete lighting system.
  • The rail is standard 3 meter modules that are easily joined by mechanical connectors to form a continuous rail of the required length.
  • The luminaire There are different versions of the luminaire, but the standard is luminaires (modules) of 1,445 meters in length that are coupled at any point of the rail by electrical connectors.
The luminaires are inserted in the rail leaving a space between them. In the spaces where there is no luminaire, trims are inserted to complete the continuous system.The rail has connectors prepared to connect luminaries every 1.5m.

Wiring system:
The rail integrates 7-wire transverse wiring of 2.5mm2 section. In the same way as the rails, the cables are joined along the system by electrical connectors (without the need to use tools).
Fixing systems:

Fixation to ceiling by suspension. Cables available from 3 to 7m in length.
It is recommended to place 2 fixings every 3m of lane. In the case of very long installations, 2 fixings should be placed every 3m and one at the beginning and end of the lane.

  • As per EN 60529, luminaire is watertight to IP20.
  • Optionally it can be supplied in IP54 / IP65 version.
Operatingtemperature temperature:
-35ºC to 40ºC

Weight withoutcontrol gear:
  • Wired lane of 3m: 4.65kg.
  • Luminaire of 1,445m: 2,7kg.
Light source:
Luminaire designed for LED technology, with luminous flux range between 6.000lm and 17.000 lm and colour temperature of a 4000 K (neutral white, nw) Ra>80. For other colour temperatures, please enquire.
Dimensions of the luminaire module:
1445 mm 80mm 47mm