Urbalite, the new family of urban luminaires by Carandini

The family Urbalite de Carandini has a design of simple and modern lines that makes it perfectly adapted to urban spaces such as residential streets, urban roads, bike lanes or main avenues.

Thanks to the latest generation LED technology and the variety of optical distributions available provides a uniform and efficient lighting being a quality solution for a wide variety of urban lighting applications.

The Urbalite has two sizes: S and M, which provide a wide range of light packages. The family offers robustness IP66 and IK09, being perfect to install in places where luminaires are required both at low and high altitudes. It incorporates a protection system against transient overvoltages that ensures the operation of the electronic components of the luminaire up to 10KV / KA overvoltages. It also has a pressure compensation valve that compensates the internal / external pressure of the system, prolonging the life of the most sensitive components of the luminaire. In addition, it incorporates cable and connector prepared for the connection in situ. In this way it is not necessary to open the luminaire and the installation tasks are carried out more quickly and easily.

Carandini, 100 years lighting the lives of people
Since 1919, Carandini has distinguished himself by creating innovative and cutting-edge solutions such as Urbalite. 100 years later, in full celebration of its centenary, the firm maintains an unwavering commitment to technology, energy efficiency, quality and respect for the environment, from an approach always compatible with the elegant and innovative design.


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