TMAX and Controlux Tunnel, truly intelligent solutions for the tunnels of Salgado Torres and Caldearenas

The tunnels of Salgado Torres, in the city of La Coruña, and Caldearenas, in the province of Huesca, have recently added to the list of infrastructures in the Spanish road network that benefit from Carandini lighting solutions.

Specifically, the tunnel of Avenida de Salgado Torres, in the Galician capital, is responsible for allowing the daily passage of the thousands of vehicles that move the people of A Coruña to their workplaces and / or connect them to the port of La Coruña. and the National VI. Likewise, and in the opposite direction, the tunnel offers one of the main roads into the city. Due to its high traffic congestion, it was crucial to have a reliable lighting system that offered sufficient light quality with reduced consumption. The solution chosen has been integrated by TMAX projectors managed by a Controlux Tunnel control system.

Similarly, the construction and commissioning of the Caldearenas tunnel is being finalized in the province of Huesca, one of the seven that form part of the Monrepós tunnel system, connecting the cities of Huesca and Sabiñánigo, avoiding the complicated orography of the pre-Pyrenean port. namesake. In this case, the tunnel configures a stretch of 2,600 meters of traffic that has also been perfectly covered by the combination proposed by TMAX and Controlux Tunnel.

Decreased risk and increased efficiency.
Both in the Galician and Aragonese infrastructure, Carandini has managed to solve a complex problem, which is to maintain a constantly satisfactory lighting, optimizing energy consumption at all times. The addition of Controlux Tunnel to intelligent TMAX systems means that the amount of light can be regulated dynamically and automatically, regardless of the appearance of factors such as the amount of external light, the maximum speed allowed or the number of vehicles in circulation in a specific moment of time.

And, as all drivers and drivers know, when vehicles enter or leave the tunnels, the light contrast between the interior and the exterior can generate an uncomfortable and potentially dangerous effect, known as a "black hole" in which the driver can lose vision for a few tenths of a second, enough to put himself at risk of accidents. In this case, the Carandini solution takes into consideration the interior and exterior light differential to adapt the lighting power and avoid any risk to the vehicles.

Additionally, thanks to the automated management in real time, these systems adapt their services according to the circumstances, so that they can achieve savings rates higher than 60% in relation to traditional solutions such as sodium or halides. Undoubtedly, a combination of reduced risks and low consumption that is of interest to the authorities and promoters of the Spanish road network.

Controlux Tunnel and its benefits
The solution Caravanini's Tunnel Control, is the perfect ally for the owners of tunnels, not only for the energy savings, but also for its total connectivity, which simplifies the management, planning and maintenance of the lighting they offer. Additionally, the system allows to monitor the status of the luminaires in real time, to evaluate their status without having to affect the circulation of vehicles inside the tunnel. Combining the system with the proven efficiency of TMAX systems, the solution becomes a genuinely intelligent proposal that combines: technology, efficiency, reliability, safety and design, ensuring the safety of thousands of citizens every day.


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