Heathrow Airport’s parking facilities require the highest possible lighting standards due to the characteristics of the airport.

Car park N4 is for the use of airport employees and is one of the airport’s busiest. It therefore requires good lighting, especially at night: and that means very high energy costs.

Before installation of the car park’s new lighting solution, tests were conducted to determine which of the many luminaires available on the market was best suited to the nature and requirements of the project. After assessing the merits of investing in LED technology and the energy savings it generates, Heathrow’s Utilities Manager, Kevin Denney, and his team decided the V·Max luminaire by Carandini was the best choice. A total of 160 V·Max luminaires are now installed in N4 car park.

The unique design, energy efficiency and lumens per watt output of V·Max were the decisive factors in winning this contract for Carandini, which immediately started installing the luminaires.

V·Max has a considerably longer service life than sodium lamps. N4 is a very busy car park and maintenance has to be kept to a minimum, and with a service life of over 15 years V·Max is the ideal choice.

The modular design of this luminaire means defective parts can be easily replaced in the event of failure.

As the car park is located very near the runway, it is very important to keep light pollution to a minimum, and V·Max makes this possible.

Airport employees and the shuttle drivers carrying people between terminal and the car park are delighted with the new lighting system, which has improved visibility and made the car park much brighter.

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