The 62nd National Lighting Symposium, organised by the Spanish Lighting Forum, was held in Donostia last 18-20 May. The Symposium offers lighting sector professionals the opportunity to get together and exchange views, ideas and contacts.

The missions of the delegation Carandini sent to the event (held every year) were to showcase the company’s lighting installation on the new Pepa bridge in Cádiz, and to present a paper outlining a solution to the new requirements on light pollution in ESE La Roca del Vallès.

Over the three days of the symposium, the Carandini delegation also exchanged ideas and views with national and international experts in the world of lighting.

Lighting on ‘La Pepa’ bridge, Cádiz. La Pepa was Spain’s largest infrastructure opened in 2015. 

Carandini staged an exhibition detailing the development of its lighting project for La Pepa bridge in Cádiz. The challenge was not only to meet the specifications of the project but also to confer character on a bridge that is one of the most spectacular infrastructure projects in Europe. 

ESE La Roca del Vallès. Your solution to the new requirements on light pollution.

This paper described the lighting solution developed for an electrical services project and meeting the new requirements on the prevention of light pollution (Decree 190/2015) which came into effect on 27 November 2015. 

The presentation examined how the requirements of the new regulations on external lighting can be met via the use of innovative technology which is more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. The results obtained were then presented.

We look forward to seeing you at the next symposium.

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