Carandini contributes to outlining the Smart Cities and the intelligent solutions in the National Symposium of Lighting 2017

Last 24-26 May the city of Soria hosted the XLIII edition of the National Symposium of Lighting, organized by the Spanish Committee of Lighting. One year more, Carandini did not miss the most important event on the national scene, and his presence took the form of sponsoring the event and presenting two relevant presentations on smart cities and smart solutions.

The focus of this year's Symposium was the quality of lighting, the Internet of Things ("IoT") and the design of "Smart Cities". Eduardo Serna, Carandini's Product & Marketing Manager, participated in this last chapter. He participated in a panel discussion with representatives of well-established companies under the title "Smart Cities and Lighting".

"The Smart Cities, the challenge for the illumination of the future" was the theme presented by Serna, who outlined the concept of the smart city, defended the suitability of generating specific plans for each city and explored the various dimensions that integrate in the technological area, Human, economic or governance, among others. In this sense, the representative of Carandini characterized a model of intelligent lighting, in accordance with the new model of city, conformed by a remote monitoring and an asset management, regulation and control of intelligent readings.

Smart Management Experiences
For his part, Ramon Estrada, Engineer of Intelligent Lighting Solutions Carandini, participated in the debate "Experiences in Public Lighting. Are we doing well? ", along with representatives of the CEI, the City of Malaga and other actors in the industry. Estrada defended the disruptive paradigm that Carandini has visualized in the last years and that is based on three fundamental concepts: the multidisciplinary approach, the project management and the technical excellence.
All three have set up an internal workflow that culminates in the company's new Intelligent Lighting Solutions Department. Various examples of outdoor lighting experiences, sports facilities, indoor installations with crepuscular and presence sensors or tunnels with PLC management system with discharge, LED and mixed technologies were put on the table during the debate.

The main event in the sector
The National Lighting Symposium, organized by the CEI, has 43 editions behind it. This year brought together more than 300 people from all over the sector during three working days in which more than 50 presentations were presented.

Carandini had a very important role in the Symposium given his status as sponsor of the event and through his presence in two of the key moments of it.


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