HBL: the led high bay for industrial and sports spaces by Carandini

Carandini has just launched its new luminaire: the HBL, which is designed to provide solutions to both industrial areas and sports spaces that need efficient and uniform lighting, to ensure safe and productive workspaces and competition areas.

What distinguishes Carandini's new solution from other alternatives in the market is that compact and lightweight design facilitates assembly and installation operations, accelerates heat dissipation and reduces dust accumulation.
The HBL is available in two sizes with consumptions of 90 and 180W offering light packages of 12,000 and 25,000 lm respectively and yields of up to 140 lm / W. The luminaire incorporates cable and connector prepared for on-site installation, so it is not necessary to open it and installation and maintenance tasks performed much faster and easier.

It presents two types of fixation: eye bolt; for installation using a point for suspension by cable or chain, and fork; for installation on the surface with an orientation of this - / + 90º.

It incorporates fins around the equipment section which connect to the perimeter armor and allow a constant air flow to be created. In addition, the driver's compartment is in an independent space of the luminaire itself. These two key elements of its design make the heat generated inside dissipate quickly and thus guarantee the maximum performance and life of the luminaire, reaching up to L80B10 60,000 hours.
In the centennial year of Carandini, the launch of the HBL reaffirms its vision in the fact of contributing to a more comfortable world with better lighting and less energy and resources, which makes it a benchmark in the lighting of spaces industrial as sports.
More information and specifications of this new solution on the Carandini website:

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