CITYMAX by Carandini, awarded as the best exterior luminary of the year at Lux Live in London

The CITYMAX solution, designed by Carandini, has been awarded as the "Best Outdoor Luminaire of the Year" at the Lux Live 2017 gala that took place in London on November 16.

The Lux Live festival is one of the most important events of the year in Europe within the lighting sector, with the attendance of thousands of people from around the world and the participation of dozens of key international actors, over two days.

This year's meeting, held at the O2 Intercontinental convention center in the British capital, has also served for the global presentation of products in categories such as "industrial", "urban lighting" and "retail". On the night of November 16, coinciding with the closing ceremony of the festival, the gala "Lux Live Awards 2017" was celebrated in which the CITYMAX candidacy was recognized as one of the most innovative products of the year 2017.

The jury has seen in the CITYMAX luminary a "vanguard solution" that has made it worthy of the European award over twelve other competing proposals.

"CITYMAX is a concept that offers a versatile lighting system in combination with a modern and innovative design, designed for a wide variety of urban applications", said the members of the jury. "Its circular design rotates around LED modules that turn the environment into comfortable and pleasant spaces," they added.

CITYMAX is a solution that has already been implemented, and with great success, in numerous populations in the United Kingdom, as well as in Spain, Israel and Latin American countries.

The Lux Live awards were announced to more than 800 executives and professionals of the international lighting industry.

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