Carandini's HBA: 25,000lm in a single module

Carandini has just launched its new HBA Series, designed to offer efficient lighting solutions in open industrial areas, corridors and shelves and logistic centers that require high quality light for the development of their activities.

What distinguishes Carandini's new solution from other alternatives in the market is that it has lower levels of energy consumption and lower maintenance needs. The reason for this improvement lies in a technological evolution that has allowed to offer light power of up to 25,000 lm from a single module. The market standard, up to now, means that these powers can only be achieved by using two modules and, therefore, duplicating maintenance needs and -nearly- consumption. The HBA Series offers ranges of 14,000, 21,000 and 25,000 lumens and yields of up to 162lm / W.

The launch of this solution is proving to be a success for Carandini, a firm that has been at the forefront of efficient technology for a century and that continuously demonstrates that it is possible to contribute to a more comfortable world with better lighting and less energy consumption. and resources.

More information and specifications of this new solution can be found in this link:


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