"Carandini: 100 years lighting up the lives of people", the motto that says it all

Coinciding with the first months of the year, Carandini has launched its motto "Carandini: 100 years lighting up the lives of people", which will preside over the commercial and commemorative activities of the brand throughout 2019; with this concept "the aim was to synthesize the soul of a centennial company in a single purpose: to bring light to the lives of the people".

And it is that Carandini, who settled in Barcelona in 1919, coinciding with the preparations for the Universal Exhibition of a century ago, has gone through various phases, locations and production lines, "but it has always had the end users, your comfort, as the center of activity. "

Throughout this year, Carandini will redouble its commitment to offer solutions adapted to the smart cities that are being designed in all parts of the world, combining the requirement of energy efficiency with the latest advances in terms of connectivity and timely data collection real, and making products of greater durability from materials that respect the environment.

An origin linked to light.

One hundred years ago, the Italian brothers Giulio and Carlo Carandini, dedicated to assembling and supplying film projectors in the great capitals of Europe, perceived that the life of Spanish cities lacked the lighting that the electrical technology of the moment already allowed. They decided to contribute, first to Barcelona, ​​and then to the rest of the country, the latest technical and design improvements in street lighting to bring light and progress to the lives of citizens.

So, they founded a company that carried their surname and that has been faithfully accompanying the citizens of many countries in recent decades, embodying the values ​​of quality, energy efficiency, innovation and respect for the environment.

Generations of technicians, specialists and installers know and recommend the Carandini luminaires as a synonym for effective, reliable and long-lasting solutions. Carandini is a company that has earned the respect of an entire industry and has a presence in more than 40 countries.

The brand has opened a section on its website where it will be informed of the various events and commemorative displays of its centennial history.

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