Carandini's CityMAX and Junior luminaires already show off in Israel

Carandini solutions make their way around the world and in this sense, we want to highlight the success of two recent projects in Israel, a country that is increasingly committed to systems that respect the environment and whose roads already include luminaires as the Junior and the CityMAX.
Just as the CityMAX solution has been lighting up the country's roads for a few months now, only a few weeks ago Herzl Avenue, in the busy district of Asdod, south of Tel Aviv, has the latest Junior luminaires selected by local authorities to provide efficient light and comfort to the locals.
The Carandini Junior luminaire is a high performance and efficient LED solution, especially designed for urban environments. It is defined as a functional luminaire that, in this specific application for the district of Asdod, has been installed with a V-arm fixation, which achieves a complete visual integration in the avenue environment.
Asdod is the sixth largest city in Israel and is home to the country's largest commercial port, where the equivalent of 60% of manufactured goods and imported raw materials come in and out daily. For its part, the Junior luminaire has technical features that favor its excellent performance, such as an injection molded LM6 aluminum armature, luminous flux ranges from 1000 lumens to 8000 and IP66 and IK10 indices. It is certain that the almost 220,000 inhabitants of Asdod will be able to enjoy greater light comfort and greater security during the night hours, thanks to the solution provided by Carandini International.
For more information about the Junior solution, you can consult the following link:
In the photograph, a unit of the Carandini Junior luminaire at Herzl Avenue in Asdod, Israel.

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