Carandini consolidates as the lighting manufacturer in the Middle East area

Carandini continues to consolidate its presence in the Middle East and, with it, advancing in its process of internationalization of the brand and solutions. A few months ago CityMAX and junior solutions were successfully installed in Israel.
As is well known, Israel and the countries of the Middle East and the Middle East have very unique weather conditions, based on very low humidity, a strong aridity in the air and a very demanding thermal variability, which test the conditions of the best technological equipment in the world.
Carandini designs and manufactures products from the highest quality materials and standards, capable of overcoming these and other even more stringent conditions. All types of facilities can benefit from the quality, comfort and safety conditions offered by the brand's solutions.
A good example of this consolidation has been the Carandini Junior solution chosen by the municipality of Haifa, in Israel, to illuminate the vicinity of the local football stadium, which has a capacity of 30,000 people.
Also known as the "International Stadium", the Sammy Ofer hosts the Maccabi and Happoel teams, which regularly play European competitions. Haifa is the most important city in northern Israel and, every weekend, thousands of fans come as a family to encourage their teams.
In the photograph, the surroundings of the Sammy Ofer stadium, with the Junior units of Carandini.

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