Carandini acquires the status of sponsor GOLD of Transforming Lightning

  • The meeting will address various aspects of innovation in the field of intelligent lighting 
  • Key issues will be the "Human Centric Lightning", the Big Data, the circular economy and the Internet of Things. 
  • Speakers such as the Secretary General of Lightning Europe, the President of ANFALUM or the Director of CISCO Spain will lead the work sessions. 

Carandini has acquired the status of GOLD Sponsor of the meeting "Transforming Lightning", organized by the Spanish Association of Illumination Manufacturers (ANFALUM), to be held in Madrid on 16 February. The event will bring together world-class speakers, users and representatives from across the industry. 
Over ten hours, professionals from various sectors, such as architects, interior designers, representatives of public administrations, engineers, hospital managers, urban planning technicians and numerous industry members, will discuss trends that will mark the lighting of the future.
These trends include intelligent control systems, connected cities, the IoT ("Internet of Things"), the use of Big Data and Data Analytics, sustainable innovation and architecture, the "zero energy balance" in buildings, The circular economy or the so-called "Human Centric Lightning" (user-centered lighting). 
The panel of confirmed speakers includes about twenty people, including Mario Buisan, Director General of Industry and SME, the President of CEPYME, Antonio Garamendi, Secretary General of Lightning Europe, Diedrick de Stoppelaar, the President of ANFALUM, Pilar Vázquez and technical experts from the field of architecture, engineering and local public administrations. Also, taking part will be CISCO's head in Spain, José Manuel Petisco, and the President of the Community of Madrid, Cristina Cifuentes. The event will be moderated and conducted by journalist Marta Robles. 
The event will take place at Madrid's Palacio Neptuno (Calle Cervantes, 42) and will run from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m..For more information about the program and the registration, it is advisable to visit the website 
Carandini invites its customers and users to this meeting where it will be possible to update knowledge and prepare for the future of professional lighting.

Since 1919, Carandini has been distinguished by the creation of innovative and cutting-edge solutions, very much in line with the aspirations of "Transforming Lightning". Currently integrated in the leading global group Acuity Brands, the company maintains an invariable commitment with technology, energy efficiency, quality and respect for the environment, from 
an approach always compatible with elegant and innovative design. Few companies, apart from Carandini, have their own demanding laboratory to guarantee high performance solutions from 100% materials made in Europe.

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