A new tunnel in Lima (Peru) will facilitate the transit of 2 million people thanks to the solution of Carandini

As many Peruvian media reported, such as the national newspapers La República or El Comercio, the new tunnel on Gambetta Avenue, located in the Callao neighborhood of Lima, was launched at the end of last July , to facilitate the transit of up to two million people every day, between the center of the capital and Puerto del Callao, the maritime district of Lima.

The Gambetta Avenue Tunnel covers an area of ​​960 meters in length and serves, among other things, to unload major roads such as Panamericana and Argentina, which suffer from the congestion problems of a capital of almost 10 million inhabitants. The fact is that, furthermore, the route is underway along one of the new tracks of Jorge Chavez International Airport, within the framework of an ambitious plan for the expansion of airport terminals.

Carandini has extensive experience and countless success stories in the lighting of tunnels, roads and other road transport vehicles. Among them, there is, for example, the iconic Puente de Cádiz. The application of LED technology and state-of-the-art control systems make it possible to satisfy the requirements of any project, from the preliminary study to the commissioning of the system, through continuous customer advice.

Taking advantage of its specialization Carandini International has designed a set of solutions that guarantee the perfect functioning of the luminaires of this new tunnel of Gambetta Avenue, which has six lanes (three in each direction) and an optimal light quality 24 hours a day.

With this lighting solution and other developments in the area of ​​ventilation and surveillance, Gambetta Avenue has become the first intelligent tunnel in Peru, with an estimated investment of 800 million Peruvian soles (about 200 million euros).

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