98 years lighting up the lives of thousands

​At C & G Carandini we celebrated 98 years of providing customer-friendly lighting solutions, simple and intelligent, offering quality lighting and value added.

For 98 years we have offered reliable and robust solutions for a demanding market. We illuminate public roads, industrial and sports facilities, infrastructures and the main decorative elements of urban life.
We produce advanced luminaires of high performance, energy efficient and that produce quality lighting. Our solutions have been formulated again and again, in search of maximum performance with the lowest consumption.

In addition, in Carandini we always take into account these six maxims for the design of our products:
  • Specific and suitable photometry for each application.
  • Quality assured complying with all current regulations.
  • Ease and simplicity of installation.
  • Low maintenance during the life.
  • Long life thanks to the quality of the products used.
  • Design able to illuminate at night and beautify by day.

And of course one of our main objectives is to always offer excellent customer service, before and after having purchased our products, from the selection of luminaires and their specification, to final delivery and after sales service.

With 98 years of experience and knowledge acquired, Carandini wants to continue learning and adapting to the new needs of the market and the world of lighting to ensure that each solution we offer exceeds the expectations of our customers.


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