For 96 years C&G Carandini has designed and manufactured lighting products which offer flair and innovation as well as the highest standards of quality. 

Carandini first established its reputation at the Barcelona International Exposition of 1929. In 1960 it was involved in the development of Spain’s first motorways and road tunnels in Barcelona and Madrid, and it later worked on the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona.

Ninety-six years dedicated to designing luminaires for area lighting, sports facilities, industry and a host of other applications, including custom-built lighting solutions for nuclear plants, where Carandini’s products have met the requirements of an extremely demanding environment.

Carandini’s lighting solutions are environmentally sustainable and energy-efficient. And they are designed with the greater good in mind: we believe in providing light where it’s really needed, and investing in energy-efficient lighting is part of a responsible commitment to the future.

At Carandini, we believe all of our products should meet the following six requirements:

Specific photometry suited to each application. 
Guaranteed quality, complying with all regulations currently in force.
Ease and simplicity of installation.
Low maintenance during service life.
Long service life thanks to the quality of the products used.
Design capable of illuminating by night and decorating by day.

Naturally, one of our principal goals is to offer our customers excellent service before and after they purchase our products, from the selection of the right luminaire and its specification to final delivery and after-sales service.

With 96 years of experience to draw on, at Carandini we aim to keep learning and adapting to circumstances in the lighting market so we can guarantee that every solution meets and exceeds our clients’ expectations.

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