Carandini’s carbon offset plan

Carandini is committed to being a responsible and efficient company which optimizes its resources in the pursuit of its aims. To do so, we implement a code of conduct and deploy internal and external control mechanisms. At Carandini, our solutions are more than lighting. Our corporate social responsibility charter includes a commitment to all-round sustainability, under which Carandini undertakes to incorporate carbon offset mechanisms in its internal business activities and the solutions it manufactures. Planting trees is one of keys to restoring environmental balance and reducing the adverse effects of climate change. We encourage personal involvement in the preservation and regeneration of the planet’s green areas, and dedicate 0.5% of our revenue to tree-planting initiatives designed to regenerate Mediterranean woodlands that combat greenhouse gases. The mission of the + árboles foundation is to drive new tree-planting campaigns in an attempt to change attitudes towards our environment. Alongside reduced carbon emissions, the planting and preservation of trees is one of the fundamental methods of countering the effects of global warming. The + árboles foundation works to promote, support, audit, manage and fund serious and viable initiatives for the planting and preservation of trees.