100 years ago, in 1919, C. & G. CARANDINI was born. Since then, the world has changed. And technology. And the way of living and relating, and the ideal of happiness of each moment.

But our purpose remains the same: to illuminate the lives of people.

And we continue to illuminate the lives of thousands of people!



At the beginning of the 20th century, even before the great wars, the brothers Giulio and Carlo Carandini travelled around Europe supplying film projectors to the theatres of the big cities.

They assembled the devices in their workshop, and with them they literally brought the illusion and light to thousands of people who attended admiring the first film sessions in the main European cities.
They believed in a modern Europe, in which everyone could enjoy the benefits of technology. They were moved by the passion for progress, which led them to discover the cultures and people of many countries.

In Spain they knew a country that asked for light. The life of our cities did not shine like that of other European capitals. And that moved the brothers to apply their previous knowledge in lenses and lamps of film projectors, and manufacture of the first designs of electric lighting in the market, creating public lighting solutions.

Later, when Barcelona was preparing for the Universal Exposition of 1929, Giulio and Carlo helped make the city look like never. This is how our company was born and established, in the heart of the city of Barcelona, and that is how its name took root until it became synonymous with the light that accompanies us on the streets today.



In the sixties, with the industrial development and technology of the time, new and more efficient luminaires were created. We were able to take the light to the first motorways and petrochemical plants and, later, to the big industrial conglomerates of the whole country. We help progress decisively. And that marked a milestone in our history.

Our demand for the product exceeded that of the regulations. We strive to achieve total quality, long before the concept became popular.

Forty years later, those luminaries were still working like the first day. Installers, contractors and municipalities celebrated Carandini's solutions and recommended them in confidence as a synonym for an effective, reliable and long-lasting solution.



In 2019 cities want to become smart. Vehicles begin to be automated and industries apply artificial intelligence, big data and efficient working philosophies to meet needs before they even manifest.

In 2019 cities want to become smart. Vehicles begin to be automated and industries apply artificial intelligence, big data and efficient working philosophies to meet needs before they even manifest.

Today Carandini designs and manufactures technical lighting solutions, energy efficient, environmentally friendly and ready to connect to management platforms and be part of the cities of the future. Our systems collect and analyse data that helps make smart decisions, decisions for cities and ultimately, for people.

We offer solutions to the public sector, sports venues, industry and infrastructures. We operate in many countries and we enlighten millions of people every day in the 5 continents.

The world has changed, but our way of understanding things has not. After a hundred years of history we have maintained the passion for the progress of Carlo and Giulio Carandini and their desire to make life easier for people, offering light, safety and comfort in their daily activities.




We want to provide quality solutions. We produce solutions of high performance and efficiency, so that they do not fail, to help people and to last a long time. That satisfies expectations.

To achieve advanced products, we subject all steps of production to meticulous controls.


We know that neither society nor our clients want, nor should they, spend more for what they can get with less. That is why our solutions must offer the highest performance with the lowest consumption. We formulate again and again each of our processes to achieve it.


We are at the forefront of technology and design. Since the beginning of our existence we have generated extraordinary concepts and practical benefits. We are pioneers in the use of technologies, controls and integration of luminaires on platforms.


We want progress for everyone. And that means, a liveable and clean world. We are pioneers in the fight against a little recognized pollution: the light. And we consider the impact of what we do on the environment.

"Lighting environmentally protected areas: Zone E1 in the Roca del Valles (Barcelona)"

A part of the municipality of La Roca del Vallès, near Barcelona, is in a protected area of natural interest in which, however, inhabit residents who need lighting. Our luminaires with PC Amber light source greatly improved their quality of life (lighter, less cost, better design) without affecting the circadian cycles of the surrounding fauna.